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• 200ml (approx 7fl oz) Spray Cleaner Effectively & Safely Removes Dust, Grime & Fingerprints From Your Records.

• Quick Drying Alcohol Free Anti-Static No Residue.


8x8 Microfiber Towel Included.

•One-Step Easy Cleaning- No Rinsing Necessary. 

• Greatly Enhances Your Listening Experience. Easy to Follow Instructions on Bottle.


• SOLID ALUMINUM ALLOY stylish black record weight reduces resonance and vibration and improves sound tracking & quality.

• 15 Oz (425 grams) with a 3 1/8" base diameter with 1" center hole depth. Measures 1 5/8" tall for easy handling and has soft felt bottom to protect your records.

• FASTER AND EASIER than a clamp. Experience a richer bass and crisper mids & highs.


• CAN BE USED ON ANY TURNTABLE without worry about excessive weight on the spindle bearing.

• CLASSY LASER SCRIPTED "BRUTUS" LOGO blends nicely with the matte black finish for a non-overbearing stylish appearance.


• SAVE YOUR RECORDS FROM FINGERPRINTS, DIRT, SWEAT, OIL & DUST. The Record Butler allows you to safely & securely grip and handle your records with confidence.

• INCREASE YOUR AUDIO EXPERIENCE. Made of high quality chromo board and special super soft ant-static fleece. Not only provides protection from handling but also perfect for a quick dust off before and after play. The unique fleece attracts dust, removing it from your record, reducing clicks & pops and allowing for a better sound experience!

• EASY TO STORE. Just fold and tuck between your albums. Always ready for the next record grab.

• IDEAL ACCESSORY for the professional DJ or for the home audiophile. This may be the most practical tool you'll own to care for and protect your vinyl.

• REVOLUTIONARY, UNIQUE, CREATIVE, SIMPLE. 2 creative, colorful designs in each pack, (designs may vary). Every record deserves WHITE GLOVE service...Let the Record Butler handle your records, not your fingers!

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