Vinyl Record Inner Sleeves 3 Ply Rice Paper Lined Archival Quality Anti Static (50pk) by Collector Protector

Record Inner Sleeve

  • 3 PLY SOFT, TRANSLUCENT RICE PAPER RECORD SLEEVES with an acid-free paper backer sheet sandwiched between 2 of the layers. NO "scratchy" paper ever comes into contact with your precious vinyl.

    HIGHEST QUALITY PROTECTION for all your 12" records bar none.

    ANTI-STATIC, ARCHIVAL QUALITY. These sleeves contain no acid and will not deteriorate over time.

    SQUARE BOTTOM SLEEVES. Measures 12 1/8" wide and 12 1/4" tall. Fits inside original jacket covers with ease. Easy loading top with front edge slightly longer than back edge. Records slide in and out easily.

    NICE and CLEAN. No large logos printed across your sleeves, just directional arrows pointing towards the opening.