The Record Butler 2-Pack Anti Static Record Cleaner & Handler. Soft Fleece Cradles Your Records Eliminating Dirty Fingers from Touching The Vinyl.

Record Butler

  • SAVE YOUR RECORDS FROM FINGERPRINTS, DIRT, SWEAT, OIL & DUST. The Record Butler allows you to safely & securely grip and handle your records with confidence.

    INCREASE YOUR AUDIO EXPERIENCE. Made of high quality chromo board and special super soft ant-static fleece. Not only provides protection from handling but also perfect for a quick dust off before and after play. The unique fleece attracts dust, removing it from your record, reducing clicks & pops and allowing for a better sound experience!

    EASY TO STORE. Just fold and tuck between your albums. Always ready for the next record grab.

    IDEAL ACCESSORY for the professional DJ or for the home audiophile. This may be the most practical tool you'll own to care for and protect your vinyl.

    REVOLUTIONARY, UNIQUE, CREATIVE, SIMPLE. 2 creative, colorful designs in each pack, (designs may vary). Every record deserves WHITE GLOVE service...Let the Record Butler handle your records, not your fingers!