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As a kid growing up in the 70’s, I remember EVERYBODY had a turntable with stacks or shelves filled with their favorite records. Personally, I liked the album covers and stories within more often than the music on the vinyl itself. Looking back I guess it was hard to recognize classic, timeless music at such a young age.

As time passed and vinyl gave way to 8-track tapes, and 8-tracks to cassette tapes, cassette tapes to CDs, and CDs to digital downloads, vinyl quickly became a thing of the past. Seemingly to only live on in the family rooms of the true vinyl enthusiasts. People I prefer to call “Collectors.”

In recent years, vinyl has made a big comeback. Its popularity and presence is as strong as it’s been in 50 years. The one major difference I recognized now was where do I go to find good quality record products? Record stores are few and far between and even big box stores don’t carry the necessary supplies for proper vinyl upkeep. Today’s marketplace is mainly found online.

Therefore, I decided to launch the Collector Protector brand of vinyl care products with the idea that people can now rely on a single brand of products for most of their day-to-day vinyl care needs. Collector Protector was one of the first “record cleaner” brands on Amazon to offer a range of record cleaning & storage products. The longevity and success of the Collector Protector brand is a testament to the high quality products and services we offer. I will continue to explore new options for vinyl care and look forward to meeting the needs of my customers for years to come.



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